12 Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Fashion Business.

12 marketing strategies for your fashion business

12 Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Fashion Business.

The success of every fashion business hugely depends on the marketing strategies adopted by such business.

At the end of this article, the profit from your fashion venture will double if you apply two or more of these uncommon fashion marketing strategies.

Get ready!

What are fashion business marketing strategies?

A fashion business marketing strategy is a plan that guides how you reach out to your customers with your products and services with the sole aim of making more sales.

12 Marketing Strategies You Need to Grow Your Fashion Business.

1. Give something free even if they pay for it in disguise:

Even Dangote would love to be given something for free. The thing is that we always want to think of our business as a channel for making money.

Although that is not necessarily out of place, selling is emotional and putting that into consideration could be the game changer in your fashion business.

For example; you can give a free hairband that will go with a peplum top you sell. Always remember that it doesn’t have to be so expensive, but it always has to be valuable and related to your product or service.

2. Your customers deserve a bonus:

A bonus although related to giving a free product to your customers but there’s a slight difference.

Your customers get a bonus when they take a specific action. It could be when they buy in bulk, refer a friend or give feedback.

When you introduce this marketing strategy to your fashion business, your customers are compelled to purchase to access the bonus.

For example, the bonus attached to some data bundles sold by network providers (MTN, Airtel, etc.) has made us change our regular plans.

Here’s an interesting one: You could tell your customers that for twenty thousand nairas worth of purchase made, they get a thousand naira recharge card or would be featured in your company’s campaign?

3. Labelling:

Many fashion businesses have lost customers and potential customers because they failed to label their product because of invalid or valid excuses.

Labelling your products is one great marketing strategy you should consider for your fashion business if you haven’t started.

As a beginner, you should start with cost-effective labelling. The most important thing on your label or package should be your contact.

These may include your Phone No, Store Address, Social Media Handles and Website link etc.

4. Blogging:

Everyone won’t get into blogging but if you ever want to start, there is enough space for you. Stop assuming someone already wrote what you would have written.

More than giving information to your customers, it is a channel to market to your customers or potential customers. You can also do a vlog.

5. Free Fashion Tips.

After selling your fashion item, what next?

Following up with your customers will enable you to make them loyal customers.

Imagine after selling a shoe to Sandra and sending her an email showing ways of matching it up and asking her to send a photo that will be featured in a monthly magazine. Or make a fashion tips ebook you will give them for free.

Fashion tip: 7 ways to Earn as a Fashion Stylist in Nigeria.

6. Partnership.

This is a marketing strategy that has been downplayed for a very long time.

No one is an island of his own and at the same time, you can’t partner with everyone.

You can partner with a fabric seller if you are a fashion tailor. While you buy your fabrics from them, they recommend other people who buy their fabrics to you for tailoring.

Also, you can establish a mini boutique in a salon.

Partnerships are amazing marketing strategy because it leverages on pre-existing resources. However, a partnership contract must be signed.

7. Online Contest:

The sweetest thing about the online Contest is that it is cheap if done effectively.

An online contest like the name implies is launching a competition digitally in which a winner will emerge.

The good thing about an online contest is that you give one person a gift while everyone who heard about the contest becomes a gift to your business.

To keep a good relationship, please don’t swindle anyone. Fulfil whatever promise you make.

8. Run Ads:

Running ads is one of the best ways to get new people to know your brand. Make sure not to run ads as an amateur, if you must hire an expert, please do so.

9. Social Media:

Every fashion company should and must be online. However, being online doesn’t mean you should put the BUY placard 24/7.

A fashion brand must be subtle to drive sales on Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook etc.

Create valuable, funny and interesting contents always. Such content drives engagements.

10. Use Social Media influencers:

Why not get a local celebrity to rock your fashion products?

You can either pay the celebrity for modelling especially when they post it on their platform or just give them as a gift and get a picture or video.

11. Referral strategy:

This is becoming a common marketing strategy used by fashion businesses but we keep missing it.

For a referral system to work well, the two aspects must be done perfectly.

Your product should have a high quality so that anyone who sees it will inquire about the brand. The second aspect is that you need to award your customers for being either a great evangelist of your product or a model.

12. Get involved in a cause:

I already said a million times that selling is emotional. This is why you must know your target audience. What do you think if you get involved in a cause that your target audience is passionate about?

Imagine a fashion designer who designs gowns for pregnant women. What if you get involved in a cause like antenatal care for women or incubator provision for babies whose parents can’t afford or teenage mom’s etc.

This strategy helps your brand in three ways:

  • It spreads the word, of course.
  • It captures the interest and emotions of the customers.
  • Generally, it gives you something to look at and get encouraged.

You surely got value from our blog today. If you found this post valuable, kindly share it with the world on social media to help someone’s business grow.

Always remember to stop by our social media platforms – Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Importantly, we care about your/your business growth. Don’t hesitate to send us your feedback. It means a lot to us!

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