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4 Fashion Business Management Problems & How to Fix Them.

Fashion Business Management Problems - Seams

Fashion Business Management: 4 Problems and How to Fix Them.

Whether you like it or not, you would face challenges in the management of a fashion business or any business at all in the world.

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Many people weren’t able to make a mark in the industry.

This isn’t because they didn’t have business ideas or aren’t business smart. But it was the inability to diagnose the problems associated with the system and fixing them effectively.

Many business experts will say that people try to fix the result of their business problems rather than fix their business problem.

Well, if you will read this article to the end, you will discover the four biggest problems/challenges fashion businesses face and how you can fix them.

Before we proceed, why is it necessary to know beforehand the problems you will face in the fashion business?

For me. I’d say that prior knowledge would equip you to avoid some of those problems and for those that are unavoidable, it will help you not to fret at them or feel disappointed.

You’ll find yourself rather encouraged because you already know about them and their solutions.

The fear of these problems shouldn’t stop you from living your dreams in the fashion world as the icons in the fashion industries passed through these challenges and conquered them. 

Below are the four biggest problems encountered with the fashion business and how to fix them:

1. Audience Mapping:

When you dive into the fashion business with the ambition to make clothes for every human on the planet, you won’t make much progress.

No matter how diversified you are, you cannot produce clothes for everyone, hence, you must have a target audience.

The problem comes when a fashion business finds it hard to map out its audience.

You can fix this by mapping your audience perfectly.

Who do you want to make wears for?

The best way of getting a clear picture of your target audience is by creating a story around them.

For example:

  • Joy is twenty-five years old
  • She’s rich, smart and beautiful, although suffering from low self-esteem.
  • She leaves home by 7 in the morning and returns at 7 in the evening.
  • She’s a hard worker who doesn’t want romance to distract her.
  • She loves to wear clothes of good quality.

Joy described above is my ideal audience!

With these, I can now develop structured demographics that will give an in-depth description of Joy. You will notice that having the foresight of your audience makes it easier to choose the style, fabrics, and many others.

2. Advertising & Marketing:

The issue of advertising and marketing is a huge issue in business generally.

As a fashion entrepreneur, you should strategically plan your advertising and marketing.

Hiring an expert is not a bad idea, but many times, fashion businesses lose a huge sum of money in the process and get zero or no returns. How can one tackle this?

Majorly, two things can help a fashion business scale through this problem.

a. Being Strategic and

b. Being Goal-Oriented.

As a strategic fashion business, develop and stick to steps you would use to hit your mark. One great idea is to focus on branding not just to one time buyers. Some ways to the branding right are: being responsive, satisfying your clients, customer-friendly, etc.

Having a goal in mind makes it easy for you to stay on course.

3. The Question of Quality:

Everyone loves quality even those who can’t afford it.

Look no further, here’s where you can get the best quality bespoke clothes!

Many fashion businesses have hit the rock by producing low-quality fashion items. Sometimes, these fashion businesses aren’t the cause of these problems. Some other fashion businesses duplicate their fashion products and in the process produce fewer quality things.

Although that can be annoying, it isn’t a big deal in the real sense as you have your audience and they are guaranteed quality stuff.

Please, don’t get tempted to lower your production quality in order to maximize your profit.  Advisably, you can create an alternative if you must, since the price of everything randomly increases daily.

Also, your target audience influences your answer to the question of quality.

4. Management

When it comes to managing a fashion business especially in the process of expansion, you sometimes wish it remains small and makes as much profit it would if it expands, which isn’t possible.

Fashion businesses always face this problem like every other type of business.

The way to fix your management issue is to start small and grow.

In the situation where we are not talking about a new business, you start fixing this problem from the kind of people you employ to run your business with you.

As you know, when you are in the game alone, management isn’t much of an issue except you are a procrastinator and lazy. When it involves others, it gets tougher.

The five ways to treat people in a business that leads to high productivity are:

  1. Show love and care for them.
  2. Employ people based on character and ethics rather than just skills.
  3. Respect and pay them well.
  4. Provide them with a convenient working condition.
  5. Set clear goals for them (include deadlines).

Furthermore, fashion business management is hinged on communication.

Create a system where everyone communicates perfectly.


The problems fashion businesses are faced with shouldn’t deter you from engaging in the market and breaking limits, because all problems truly have solutions.

Don’t forget that SEAMS remain your ever-current solution plug.  Contact us for mentorship and ask further questions in the comment section.

Refer us today, and solve a problem.


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