5 Fashion Tips on How to Look Smart.

5 Fashion Tips on How to Look Smart.

Bella telling me about how her boss scolded her like a child for not looking smart in the midst of everyone in the office was something that hurt me. He told her she looked shabby and many other things that will remain untold. Having known how much she was struggling with an inferiority complex, I knew exactly how she felt. When I told her clothes could solve her problem, she concluded that I was insane. But, that’s not the case anymore.
Before we talk about how your dressing influences others perception of you, let’s talk about how it affects you. Whether you believe it or not, your clothes say a lot about you. Even without speaking, you write a story in the minds of people every day including your mind.
Now, you should know that each piece signifies something to you in your
subconscious mind. That is why you will wear a particular piece to a location where you may see your crush while you wear some other ‘less worth’ piece to places you know you won’t meet your crush or someone you want to impress. Why is that? It is because there’s a better story that one of the cloth is telling that the other is not telling and because you will want to impress someone, you wear the one telling a better story. When we wear clothes that make us happy, you know the difference from when you wear something you don’t like.
Bella needed me to teach her how to appear to the office from Monday to Friday looking stylish, smart and beautiful.
I will give you the tips I gave Bella on how to look smart below:

1. Iron your clothes:

I had to put this as number one because there’s no way you can look smart with a rumpled cloth. Trust me, it’s awful to wear rumpled clothes anywhere on earth. Wearing one to the graveyard is an offence to the dead. The importance of ironing our clothes as a hint on how to look smarter can never be overemphasized. Simply put, if you want to look smart, don’t wear rumpled clothes.

2. Wake up early:

You might be surprised to see this as one of the tips. You could even be asking, “I thought we were talking fashion tips on how to look smarter or am I in the wrong post?”. No, you absolutely aren’t.

This point is here because it is one of the major reason why people sweat and mar their whole outfit before they get to their offices. They rush because they woke up late. Learn to have time to dress up well.

3. Affirm positive words to yourself:

When it comes to how to look smart, your mood is definitely one of the biggest game-changer. Be POSITIVE always!

4. Consider your body shape:

Many a time, I see ladies wear clothes/styles that are wrong for their body shape. This tends to make them look awkward. Do you want to know how to look or/and dress smarter? Then embrace your body shape and get clothes that will suit.

5. Buy quality clothes:

Quality is not synonymous to expensive clothes. Make
sure the fabric is quality and stitches are done professionally.
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