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7 Office Outfits Ideas To Look Confident at Work. 

Choosing the best office outfits that help you dress confidently as a man or woman to work while still feeling comfortable can be a lot of work for professionals. Remember, as the saying goes, “The way you dress is the way you would be addressed”.

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Why is it that we can easily choose an outfit for parties, meetings, going out to get food or casual outings with friends, but when it comes to choosing an outfit for work we don’t get ideas on what to wear to make us look unique at work? 

We should also take note that, how we present ourselves is the visual image of the company we work at. There is this impression we subconsciously give to people when they see us in the company especially through the way we are dressed. Read about how you can build your personal brand with fashion

Do you want to know which outfits ideas are best for men and women to boost their confidence? Read on to find out:

1. Blazers (A Custom-tailored Blazer)

Blazers have been on for centuries and would never go out of style, so this is one of the best-recommended outfits for dressing confidently for the office. It comes in different style, prints and colours. Choosing the perfect blazer for you is dependent on your type of colour, print and what you know you are confident in. Blazers can be worn with a pant (for the men) and (for the women) with a gown, skirt, palazzo, bodysuit or/and anything that you can style it with.

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2. Lace Dress

Having a lace dress is a  great way to bring out your unique style in a very simple and classy way to the office. You can dress confidently when you wear bold colour and of course! On a nice shoe, which would make you look elegant for work duties.

3. Bodysuit.

The bodysuit is great for an office outfit and is also a good combination with your blazers. If you are someone that likes tucked in shirts or tops, bodysuits are the best for you. It’s easy to wear with a blazer and you don’t get to adjust them later, during the day. 

You can wear a bodysuit on denim, palazzo and on a skirt.

4. A Monochrome Set.

Putting on a monochrome set would make you feel and look confident without any extra or additional work to do. 

5. Colour Block.

Colour block for some persons is a risky fashion style to go with, because of how complex it is choosing the right colour combinations. However, colour blocking when done properly can be absolutely beautiful. To play it safe, you can start with under three colours for your colour blocking outfit. Also, go with bold and cool colours. 

6. Mixed Prints.

If you are a creative person and you love looking confident while having fun at it, going for mixed print would be a good attempt for you. We all have print dresses in our wardrobe but we probably don’t know how to put them together. But one best way to stand out in your office outfit is putting on a mixed print with confidence. You can look into taking colours and patterns into consideration.

7. A leather or Faux-pants/Skirt

A leather pant or skirt is one that is rarely worn to the office. If you can be one of those few persons putting it on to the office, you would stand out and build your confidence in your workplace.

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Bonus: Invest Wisely in Accessories.

For that perfect look that makes you look confident at work, investing in accessories will give you huge ROIs (perhaps we can call it ROE). Accessories like jewellery and wristwatches will make your outfit look distinct and sharp. However, I’d advise you stick to wristwatches only, as (heavy/sophisticated) jewellery is not an acceptable office dress code unless otherwise stated.

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