Blazer with Hoodie! Wait, Is It Even Possible?

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Blazer with Hoodie is Very Legal to Wear.

To all baby boomers reading this post about Blazers with Hoodies and feeling irritated, pissed or uneasy, we sincerely apologize for that. We honestly do. 

However, we cannot help it beyond that as it is now a thing. A legal thing.

Blazer with Hoodie: All You Need to Know.

Gone are the days when hoodies are only worn by people who don’t want to mix up or socialise with people when they go out, or by our girlfriends when they come to visit or by ‘those guys’ that visit us at night or in dark places to change the ownership of your phones and wallets. Hoodies are now a mainstream high fashion wear that is fast getting adopted. 

History of Hoodies. 

Read: Hoodie: Meaning, Definition and History.

Hoodie, also spelt Hoody or Hooded Sweatshirt is a sweatshirt with a hood.

The first hoodie was produced by Sports Apparel company, Champion in 1930 and was sold to labourers in upstate NewYork working under freezing temperatures. The hoodie later got prominent in the 1970s with the success of Hip Hop Culture which started in New York. Most critical to the hoodie’s popularity during this time was its iconic appearance in the blockbuster Rocky film – a 1976 American sports drama film directed by John G. Avildsen, written by and starring Sylvester Stallone. 

Hoodie entered popular usage in the 1990s when it became a permanent member of the wardrobe, for and not limited to Hip Hop artists and gangsters, athletes – skateboarders, basketballers, sprinters, gymnasts etc. Big fashion houses also used the hoodie as a main component of their collections around the same time.

How to Wear a Blazer with A Hoodie 

1. Wear a blazer with a hoodie made of lighter fabric:

If you wish to rock a Blazer with a Hoodie, wear it the blazer with a hoodie made from lighter fabric or at least, a fabric that isn’t too thick, else it bulges underneath the blazer and gives you a rather huge, heavy look which doesn’t fit or look smart. 

2. Wear a more fitting hoodie:

Your hoodie should also be fitting as this helps you get that smart look as we mentioned above. 

3. Contrast your colours:

Pair your hoodie with dark, solid blazers To get the crisp look, it is best to make the hoodie and blazer have contrasting colours 

man wearing a nude colour blazer on a dark grey/charcoal black hoodie

man wearing brown blazer on black hoodie

4. Go for timeless, versatile hoodie types:

You shouldn’t bother about trendy hoodies, wear something timeless. 


1. Blazer with print hoodies is a NO NO!:

When wearing a blazer with a hoodie, don’t wear hoodies with prints, embroidery, comedy, cartoon or prints of any such. Keep it plain. 

2. Don’t wear a baggy, loose hoodie:

They tend to ruin the look. Keep it smart, wear fitting hoodies, when wearing a hoodie with a blazer. 

3. Keep the t-shirt tucked:

If you are wearing a t-shirt, like in the case of wearing a zipped hoodie type especially, make sure to tuck your shirt in completely, or wear none. (If you wish to wear a t-shirt, it is nice to leave the zipper open or halfway zipped up to let the pure, glowing white tee show, as it adds extra #Swank to your look. Oh! White t-shirt and without print, please!)

4. Don’t wear the zip-up/zipper-type hoodie:

The best hoodie to wear with a blazer is the type without zipping.


Some persons might cringe while reading this, however, I’d advise you let an open mind win. Blazer with hoodie is fast becoming a popular fashion statement. Although it’s mostly pulled by the more audacious ones, I implore you to give it a try and, of course, do tag us when you post pictures of you in them. Find our social media handles for different platforms below. Follow us already. 

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