Dress Faster: Here are 5 Ways to Help You Get Dressed Fast.

Dress Faster: Here are 5 Ways to Help You Get Dressed Fast.

“I don’t have anything to wear!” Are you familiar with those six words? If yes, then you need to read this article now.
We say that every day while over fifty outfits are starring back at us from our wardrobe.
Often times, we are late for our engagement because we keep trying different outfit and checking which one is perfect for the event. Although few times testing your outfit in front of the mirror can be interesting, other times, it is frustrating. I will give you four tips that will help you choose your outfit faster every single day.

Why do you even need to choose your outfit faster?

1. It saves you time: Time is something that cannot be regained when lost, so it is very necessary to prioritize it. What is going to make you a success is what you use your time for, so if you continue to spend an hour and the half
everyday struggling to get the best outfit for the day, at the end of a month,
you have invested 45 hours in your dressing when you could achieve it within
a lesser time.
2. It prevents lateness: When you spend a whole lot of time looking for clothes to wear, you end up going to work or your day’s appointment late. And I’m sure you don’t want that.

You can dress faster if you do the following four things:

  •  Storage: How do you keep your clothes? The way you keep your clothes makes it easy or difficult for you to select your outfit. I will advise you to store your clothes into by category. For instance, your trousers should be in one area, your shirts in another box, and so on. This will help you search with something in mind. Hanging your clothes is also a great idea.
  • Keep your clothes ready: One reason why it seems you don’t have clothes is simply that you keep procrastinating to tidy up your clothes. You have to cultivate the habit of putting to your clothes in shape always. If you notice a tear, a button or zip lose, please quickly fix it. This will prevent you the stress of always having situations like, “I would have worn this, but it’s torn or something.” Learn to do your laundry on time too.
  • Matching Colors: One fashion element that keeps people confuse on what to wear for so long is colour. You have to learn the basics of colour matching. Read our previous blogs or check online for matching colours so as to get very familiar with colours.
  • Decision: You have to cultivate the attitude of making decisions for yourself. Some young people are often not comfortable when they pick clothes for themselves because they feel they made the worst decision. The fact is that this attitude rubs off on every other aspect of their lives not just picking outfits. Some just say, ‘I’m not just the fashion type’. You don’t need to be obsessed about style to be able to choose your wears. When you look into your box, make that decision as fast as possible.
I believe that after reading this you will spend only ten minutes or less when next you are trying to get an outfit for the day.
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