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Fashion Forecasting: How to Find Fashion Trends.

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Fashion Forecasting: How to Find Fashion Trends.

Do you know that you have a trend peculiar to you? Well, now you know.

A fashion trend means different things to different people. However, I will define fashion trends as,

a new way of responding to the fashion needs of a population that is bigger enough to be visible.

Okay, I guess I should say it in a different way.

When we say fashion trends, we refer to the innovative process of satisfying a population’s fashion desire.

This implies that a group of people at the same time look at fashion designers’ creative designs and says, “that’s exactly what I am looking for”.

For example, we see the need of being more comfortable in wear which has led to some genius bra modifications.

Four Types of Fashion Trends


These trends have a timeline of about ten years. They can change completely the relation we have to fashion. For example; the transition from knitting to the printing of fabrics.

Consumer trends:

This last for two to three years. Although it doesn’t last so long like the macro, it is memorable. For example, the waist bag belt. The trend has faded away but is still very memorable. Isn’t it?


This one lasts for about one year. It is like seasonal trends. For example; the smock dress that ladies are wearing this season.


These trends don’t solve a problem really. They come and leave so fast. A good example is the prints; when prints trend, they fade fastest.

Why do I even need to follow fashion trends?

In order to maximize profit in the fashion business, fashion companies want to create what their target audience wants to buy. Hence, this is why fashion forecast matters in the industry.

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Let’s proceed to talk about where to look for trends. We can, of course, search the web and read up fashion forecasting blogs which are fine. The downside to that is that most of these reports/researches are not thorough enough for business forecasts.

From my experience, here are the three best ways to search for fashion trends for personal and business purposes:

  1. Trend agencies: we have fashion forecasting agencies or trend agencies that search out the trends for you. I reply to these reports from these agencies with a little editing.

Some examples of trend agencies are Carlin, Promostyl, WGSN. Their reports are mostly premium but their blogs are free. Trendwatching is another online source that gives out more reports for free.


  1. Follow opinion leaders: Another great way is to build a list of persons that is always ahead fashion-wise. They mustn’t necessarily be celebrities but people who love fashion, travel the world and are fashionable.


  1. Offline sources: Online sources are wonderful; we can sit in our beds and do all we want but someone might need to step outside to get it right.

If there is a thing happening in town, you can get there to see things for yourself.

As fashion designers, we absorb beauty consciously. It could be a museum, art gallery, fashion shows or even shapes from the billboards.

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Forecasting of fashion trends has influenced fashion businesses in no small measure. It has resulted in maximum sales resulting from high demand simply because the customers are given products they want.

We have been able to see what fashion trend is, the types of fashion trends and how to track trends for your fashion business and/or personal use.

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