How To Build Your Personal Brand with Clothes/Fashion.

How To Build Your Personal Brand with Clothes/Fashion.

By Esther Ibejekwe.

Have you ever looked at a stranger twice because of their outfit? I bet you nodded your head in the affirmative.

Do you know why you stared? That’s exactly what you will learn at the end of this post – How To Build Your Personal Brand with Clothes/Fashion

What is Personal Branding?

Let’s make it clear, what is Personal Branding?

When we say Personal Branding, we mean creating a personal brand and whether you know it or not, you have a personal brand. 

Your personal brand is people’s perception of you. Your way of life has a way of writing your story in the heart of others. Hence, if your story is appealing, it’s beneficial and if it’s not, well…

Immediately we meet someone, the first story we read is their appearance: What he/she is wearing and how that person looks tells us he/she is someone we will like to be associated with. 

There was a case of a business partner coming into the company for the first time to have a meeting with the CEO. On seeing the CEO’s personal assistance, he immediately thought he was the CEO. 

Hence, when you invest in how you look it is not a waste of money. The notion that dressing well is a luxury which is meant only for the wealthy or when you reach some certain height is not only bad, it is a killer. That notion doesn’t only affect your career but you as a person. You deserve to own a style and rock it.

Although some people regard fashion as vain, which could be true. However, it is entirely false to regard fashion as powerless because I am aware of how powerful fashion is. After all, everything in the world is vain because it doesn’t last forever but then, they influence our lives in ways we can’t deny.

The Way Forward: How to Use Fashion to Build a Strong Personal Brand.

  • You can leverage your fashion style to tell your brand story every day. Start by putting away any cloth that doesn’t make you feel like the star you are or become.
  • Subsequently buy your wears from sources with quality designs. This is exactly why we created Seams

Seams is made for young people like you who deserve to dress their best every day of their life. All you have to do is chat up any of our designers and they’ll make you unique outfit styles that befits your shape and personality. Take a step and be fashion-forward. 

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