Where to Get Well Tailored Suits in Lagos.

Double Breasted Suit on Display
Suit Designed by Ben Fash

Where to Get Well Tailored Suits in Lagos.

A photo of a gold striped black double breasted two button men suit with  flap pockets, with a hex tie and a red pocket square

A photo of a gold striped black double-breasted two-button men suit with flap pockets, with a hex tie and a red pocket square

When you ask where to get well-tailored men’s or women’s suits as well in Lagos, it would be easier to point you to a boutique than where to get your tailored one.

We can’t blame them, many people have been disappointed by the outcome or result of the so-called suit they got from tailors for themselves. This is because sewing a good suit is no job for a newbie fashion designer.

In Nigeria, Lagos is one of the best fashion cities and there are a whole lot of tailors/fashion designers there. However, making a choice is often a bit difficult because you wouldn’t fully know what a designer will do for you. That is why most people patronize designers only on referral which is really a good tactic.

Interestingly, SEAMS was built to save you all that decision troubles. SEAMS is a third-party company that has expert designers who make incredible designs for you. All you need to do is simply click here and book a suite for your wedding, work, or any function whatsoever from our numerous designers. We don’t just create designs for Lagos residents; we design and deliver all over Nigeria.

Here are five reasons why you should choose SEAMS:

We Stick to Time:

The problem of delaying your outfit is becoming the norm today, but we have found a way to tackle that problem. Hence, you shouldn’t worry at all, as our designers deliver at the agreed time.

We Use Quality Fabrics:

Many suits don’t suit properly. Not because the tailors are bad at their work but because the choice of the suit fabric is wrong. Each suite style can only be best made by a certain type of fabric. We also place a high value on quality therefore using a durable fabric for our entire outfit.

Customer Service is Excellent:

Our terms and conditions are not just customer-sensitive, but we listen to our clients’ feedback to improve our services to serve them better always.

Great Designs:

SEAMS always design outfits that are beautiful. We do not ‘disappoint’. Say goodbye to those days of what you see is what you get.


Who wouldn’t want to save money this period in Nigeria? We design for our clients at affordable prices without tampering with the quality of our clothes.

Choose peace of mind today; get your well tailored mens suit for that wedding today here


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